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take the path less traveled

It took some time to find the solution because it’s a new business model in the chiropractic game. I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for my mentor, I wouldn’t own the (quite profitable) Cash-Based Practice that I have today. 

I didn’t know where to begin. I wasn’t sure how much money it would take to start. I almost gave up and just started working for another chiropractor. He encouraged me to enter into the game of entrepreneurship and take the path less traveled.

6 years later, I’m in a place where I feel called to help others in the same way that my mentor helped me.

Deep breath. We can do this.

For less money than you think, you can start your own cash-based practice and build it client by client to invest in your future goals of owning your own successful practice. 

I have consolidated my findings and I’m here to spread the good word. I’ve created a framework, wrote an e-book, developed an online course and have a 1:1 coaching structure that will give you exactly what you need to plan your practice out in less than 30 days. 

Jump in. The water’s fine.

Dr. Catelyn 
The Cash Chiro

key course takeaways

The Cash Chiro Course is the combination of 6 years of experience, proven frameworks, and actionable strategies you can use in your practice from the get-go.


Demolish Self-Doubt

Identify the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from confidently launching your practice, and how to turn those fears into a tool and driving factor in launching your practice. 



Identify the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from confidently launching your practice, and how to turn those fears into a tool and driving factor in launching your practice. 



Guides, scripts and coaching for you to confidently and unapologetically charge what you’re worth and have your patients wishing they could pay you more.

Dr. Coti F.

I cannot speak more highly of Dr. Catelyn’s The Cash Chiro course. It took all the guesswork out of launching my practice. While I had worked in another clinic for a few years out of school, I still didn’t feel fully prepared to go out on my own. This changed it for me. Not only did it give me the confidence that I didn’t know I needed, but it also gave me practical skills that I could apply into practice on day one. If you are at all apprehensive of launching your cash practice, this is the course for you.

Dr. Anna W.

I recently completed The Cash Chiro course and it exceeded my expectations! I found it to be very comprehensive, covering topics about: business planning, patient retention and all aspects of marketing. This was done in a very practical way that was easy to digest and apply. Most importantly to me, the action items felt natural and genuine. The clinic I am growing while using this course feels like an extension of me and I can’t recommend it more highly.

Dr. Amy G.

The Cash Chiro Course has revolutionized my practice, taking the terrifying concept of starting a cash practice and turning it into a tangible success through her actionable strategies. Her clear guidance and practical steps have facilitated a seamless transition, resulting in significant improvements in our systems and operations. The standout feature was accessibility. Dr. Webber’s concise teaching style makes complex concepts easy to grasp while allowing for quick reference, ensuring practitioners can implement her insights effectively.

What's covered


The Cash Chiro Course features 11 structured modules paired with Dr. Catelyn’s Accountability Consulting to guide you through building the foundation of your dream practice in less than 30 days. Busy work? No thank you.


What’s holding you back? Where are those conscious or unconscious roadblocks looming? We’ll work together to identify your limiting beliefs and greatest fears to understand how they can work for us rather than against us.




We’ll start at the beginning. I’ll help you understand your ‘why’ because it’s the foundation of every other part of your practice (from messaging to charging more). 




I’ll walk you through a few great goal setting exercises to help you define your dreams and goals (and how to achieve them).




Here we dive into why targeting more people will lead to a worse quality of life (and how to make sure you can avoid it!)




Learn the art of pitching by confidently communicating your value, connecting with your ideal customers, and charging for the fees you know you deserve.




Now you’ll review some brands that are doing it right, learn the true value of branding, and work through exercises that will lay the groundwork for the launch of your practice.




Which website builder is best? How much should my website cost? I don’t know how to code – should I just hire someone to build it for me? How do I make sure people find me? We’ll cover all this, and so much more.




How to attract clients? How to retain your new clients? Networking? We’ll cover all of it and I’ll share my entire playbook on how to use marketing to grow your practice effectively and sustainably.




Finance foundations takes you through everything from understanding start-up costs and making a plan to open, to ensuring your practice isn’t just surviving, but thriving.




From acquiring your chiropractic license and national provider identification number to obtaining business and malpractice insurance, this chapter ensures you have everything to make sure your practice runs smooth and compliantly from day one.




Learn the crucial distinctions between opting in, opting out, participating, and non-participating statuses, and how each impacts your practice. so you can continue providing top-notch care.




Pre-Launch Add-Ons Include:

  • Pre-made email scripts
  • Patient FAQ/Response FAQ
  • Bonus Module: Handling Medicare with Ease
  • Networking Hacks for Chiropractors
  • Cash Chiropreneur eBook
  • Checklists and Templates for time saving proven processes
  • Cash Only Sales Script: How to have the insurance talk.
  • Access to private community
  • Access to future events and workshops
  • 1:1 Access to Dr. Catelyn

Who is this course for?

Not everyone should take The Cash Chiro Course.

You're a good fit if:

  • You’re a new graduate considering starting your own practice.
  • You’re an associate who wants to transition to owning their own practice.
  • You’re an established practitioner who feels stagnant in their current roles and are looking for strategies to grow their practice or personal brand.
  • You’re open to innovative and non-traditional approaches to practice management and patient care.
  • You’re motivated and willing to put in the work, follow through with assignments, and stay committed to the process.
  • You want to leverage your unique experiences and background to create a distinctive practice.

This course is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick, easy solution to financial success without putting in the necessary work and effort.
  • You’re  resistant to new ideas and unconventional methods in practice management and patient care.
  • You’re not open to self-reflection, personal growth, or addressing your own biases and fears.
  • You’re expecting me to tell you with every minute of your day.
  • You’re not willing to commit to the course work, exercises, and the overall process.

Ready to Enroll in the cash chiro course?

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August 1


Regular Price: $1,897

  • Pre-made email scripts
  • Patient FAQ/Response FAQ
  • Bonus Module: Handling Medicare with Ease
  • Networking Hacks for Chiropractors
  • Cash Chiropreneur eBook
  • Checklists and Templates for time saving proven processes
  • Cash Only Sales Script: How to have the insurance talk.
  • Access to private community
  • Access to future events and workshops
  • 1:1 Access to Dr. Catelyn


Hi, I'm Dr. Catelyn Webber.

I started my cash practice, Blue Mountain Sport and Spine 6 years ago.

And let me tell you, cash-based care just hits different.

It’s more than just adjustments – it’s quality, personalized care without the handcuffs.

I launched my cash-practice because there were two things that are very important to me:
• Time Freedom
• And Financial Freedom

I wanted to dictate my hours and schedule without having to wait for insurance companies to approve and pay me (let alone pay for what I billed…)

And I knew it would be the catalyst to the lifestyle I wanted outside the 40hr/week 9-5 job.

If that resonates with you, or you’ve been thinking about starting your practice but you don’t know where to, then I made this course just for you!

What my patients are saying

Corben K.

Fixed my problem in just two visits and teed me up with some nice exercises and routines to keep the pain away. I’ve tried a few others in the valley. Dr. Catelyn is tops.

Corey S.

I had my first ever chiropractor appointment with Dr. Webber last week after having a new back pain as the result of a very minor car collision. She alleviated all of my concerns right off the bat and described her proposed plan of action to get me pain free and working towards better strength and flexibility. 2 days after my appt I was feeling much better! I was able to get back on the range and playing golf! I will see Dr. Webber again to make sure I am on the right track. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable,  I highly recommend her for your needs too!

Sarah S.

Dr. Webber continues to improve me!  So far, she has helped with my back, shoulder and knee.  I feel completely comfortable in her care and appreciate the time and effort she puts in to each of my appointments.  Also, she taught me how to sit correctly (different than you may think!) and that has made a world of difference! Highly recommend.

Heidi M.

I went in to see Dr Webber with one specific issue, and much to my surprise we ended up dealing with long-term pain that I had not even considered might be fixable. After one adjustment I’m already feeling better. I love Dr Webber’s  approach to chiropractic because she strives to help teach and empower me to be the healthiest version of myself. Though I am just beginning my work with her, I am so excited to see where this takes me and to feel a renewed sense of physical vitality!

Victor V.

I’ve had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Webber on multiple occasions for different problems. The first time she treated me was I hurt my knee it while weight lifting. She was very quick to diagnose it and start my treatment. Very reassuring and patient with my know it all attitude. Other times I’ve seen her were, for a pinched muscle on my shoulder area and an ankle injury from a bad fall! She can do it all! Dr. Webber is very professional but definitely makes you feel welcome as soon as you meet her with her big smile and friendly attitude. If you need a chiropractor who is friendly and knowledgeable I highly recommend her!

Westin R.

Dr. Webber has really helped not just my immediate injury, but my knowledge of movement and how I can adjust daily movements and strengthen my body through specific exercises. After having been to a few Chiropractors that adjust and go to another appointment quickly, I really respect that Catelyn spends time asking questions and understanding the issue, and explains everything in a friendly and kind way. The combo of soft tissue work, physical therapy, and chiropractic is very complementary.

Sue K.

Catelyn Webber is probably the best doctor I’ve ever been to. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to manage pain effectively. Always asks if you have questions and is very efficient with her time at appointments. Walla Walla is so lucky to have such an amazing doctor. Highly recommend her and so grateful for her superior professionalism and caring nature.

Vanessa S.

Hands-down THE BEST chiropractor I’ve ever had. I’ve been seeing a chiro throughout most of my life and never have I had one who cares and helps as much as Catelyn! Seriously do yourself a favor and choose her. Not only does she spend time working with you to alleviate the pain, but she also makes sure you know how to prevent/help it in the future by showing you stretches and exercises. And she spends more time with her patients than any chiro I’ve had in the past. I always leave feeling a ton better, and I’m super sad that I’m moving and won’t be able to see her anymore.

Carly M.

I’ve tried a few chiropractors in town and hadn’t yet found a fit I was excited about. I appreciate Catelyn’s manual manipulations, but even more than that I go for the exercises and strength-training she tasks me with and the information she provides about my body and it’s mechanics. I don’t just want a quick fix, I want to understand why I’m hurting and what I can do to avoid it in the future. Her flexibility with scheduling and her cheerful disposition are just icing on the cake.

Katie P.

Catelyn is amazing! She combines traditional chiropractic techniques with massage and PT for an awesome and effective combo. I also love that she explains everything. I’m super curious and love that she takes the time to explain what she’s doing and why! If you’re in pain, go see her.

Dana W.

Best in town! I was treated by Dr. Webber summer of 2018 for knee pain. She patiently listened to what was going on (she is very non judgmental) and started a treatment plan. We worked together until the issue was resolved and my knee is still feeling great!

Ngan H.

At first, I wasn’t too keen on seeing a chiropractor, but Catelyn’s thorough knowledge of her field puts me at ease every time I see her for an adjustment. Not only is she well-versed in manual manipulations, she is efficient in her diagnosis, brings a humanistic element to the field, and goes the extra mile to provide with mobility exercises that can be done outside of the office. As a avid Crossfitter, I feel that she truly understands that I’m working toward longevity:  I want to keep throwing weight around as long as I can.

Many thanks to Blue Mountain Sport + Spine for all the happy bodies you help!

Side note: she should also be sponsored by lululemon asap.

Jordan M.

I have been consistently impressed with Dr. Webber. I have now seen her for various issues and she has been nothing short of outstanding. She explains everything thoroughly. Furthermore, as someone who is relatively active, I value Dr. Webber’s holistic philosophy. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Ivey R.

Dr. Webber is kind and approachable. Her ability to listen, ask great questions, and then articulate a plan for long-term healing is so appreciated! I find it so refreshing to find someone living into their calling, and am grateful for Dr. Webber’s work!

Jana L.

Catelyn has been so helpful for me. I had some fears and nervousness about visiting a chiropractor. Catelyn answered all of my questions without judgement  and has been so kind and understanding working with me. I am very active and have a physical job, Catelyn has helped me get back on track and feeling better in my body.

Liz W.

Dr. Webber is highly knowledgeable with athletes in training and understanding what’s needed to keep injury free. She has also helped me tremendously recover from aches and pains from an injury with stretches, exercise and adjustments.

Nicole S.

This doctor is professional and has been able to diagnose and treat my pain in my low back and shoulder. She has multiple interventions that she is able to utilize which is helpful for all ability levels. I value her expertise and investment in her patients.

Thomas G.

A truly great experience for me. I’m way more flexible and I feel great! Thank you blue mountain sport and spine!

Nathan B.

Catelyn provides quality, legit solutions to make for genuine care.

Steve D.

Excellent experience! 10/10 would recommend!

I designed this course with newly graduated chiropractors in mind, but the material is relevant for anyone interested in opening their own cash practice!

The course is self-paced, allowing you to complete it at your own speed. Most participants complete it within 4-6 weeks.

No prior business experience is necessary! The course was designed to fill the gaps and answer the questions I had when leaving school and opening my practice.

For our pre-launch chiropractors, we’re offering a 90% discount for a total price of $197. After the pre-launch, the price will jump to $1,897.

Absolutely! The course is asynchronous and designed to be flexible enough that you can complete it alongside your current job or other commitments.

Build Your Cash Practice in 2024